About us

Hi, I'm Ash. I am the creator of Buddy & Me. 

I started 'Buddy & Me' in 2013 just after our son Buddy was born...... Essentially he was going through a period of rapid growth and learning, and as it turns out so was I! 

Over this time I have also learnt a lot about myself. I am all for learning, throwing yourself into life.... And trusting our intuition...

I have always had a love for creating, designing and interiors. So I  studied Interior Design and somehow handcrafting candles and home fragrance naturally followed. It was along this journey that I realised I had created Buddy & Me to allow women to have a moment of pleasure for themselves when they are otherwise so busy fulfilling everyone else's needs.

The very nature of our busy lives means we are not always able to truly engage in the moment. So..... I wanted to create something special, something for all the senses, a little experience that means a lot... 

I believe in LOVE. I believe in warm hearts and kind words.

I believe everyone should feel special. 


In big ideas... I believe as a tribe we are powerful, yet standing alone as women we can sometimes tend to undervalue our needs and experiences. I am excited to invite you on a journey, to help create a lifestyle. So that as a tribe we can all allow ourselves and encourage others to experience a moment, enjoy the little things, to never underestimate the power of doing something for ourselves. We don't do so enough, but we are learning. 

So there you have it... That's how we started and how we got our name! It was Buddy & Me kicking it together, learning and growing about each other, ourselves and life. We were blessed with another little miracle that we named Scout who is, together with her wonderful Daddy, ever so present in the home and business just not in the name....

And to YOU - the tribe of spirited women that I’ve met through this journey have quite literally changed my life. ‘Grateful’ simply doesn’t cut it.

Ash xx


P.s. And just like any normal family a good photo of us is hard to come by!