What goes into making Buddy & Me so special?

May 10, 2017


How do you make a scented candle?

Well…. It is a long process of trial and error to make the perfect candles.. It starts with selecting your vessel, carefully testing wicks, choosing wax and fragrance, working on packaging and processes… Here we want to take you on a tour of our workshop and invite you in to see just a couple of steps that go into making your candles!….



The Prep Step
Before a single drop of wax is poured, a great deal of effort goes into ensuring the candle-making process runs smoothly. This involves cleaning all of the vessels, and setting out the workstations with vessels corresponding to fragrances.. We use large bakers trays to house all of our candles when pouring as these later fit perfectly in our tray rack to let the candles set overnight..

Next we use a hot glue gun to stick wicks to the center of each glass. Centering the wicks is critical to ensure that a candle burns down the middle..
Now that the vessels are ready we start the way and fragrance preparation.
We use an industrial candle making machine imported from America. This is the most advanced candle making technolgoy available world wide.. and here you will learn why…

It is all based on science.. Our candle making machine takes the perfect percentage of fragrance and mixes it with the wax at the perfect temperature.. It is important the fragrance is only mixed with the wax just before being poured into our vessels.. this way there is no chance of evaporation and no way of contamination.. Our industrial candle making machine means that we can guarentee every single candle is produced with the same amount of wax and fragrance.. A consistency other methods of candle making just cannot ensure..


We complete these steps for each fragrance we need to pour. Once all poured, we leave the candles to solidify and cure for a day or so, housing them in our tray trolleys.. The wicks are trimmed; this is done with a precise pair of wick trimmers and steady hands!

All candles are cleaned and delicately wiped.


Now that the wicks are trimmed and the candles are cleaned they are ready for labelling and packaging. Our labels are hand-applied to each glass. A final polish, and each candle is slipped into its box.

Each candle is then loving packaged by our team who work tirelessly to ensure someone’s day/week is brightened every time they open a Buddy & Me delivery x

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