What Are Your Friday Night Plans...?

June 21, 2019

What Are Your Friday Night Plans...?

A couple of weeks ago on a random Friday night we organised the dads to have the kiddos and a couple of girlfriends and I went out for a wine and some kid-free conversation.. It was one of those rare events – but probably also why we enjoyed it so much knowing it could be another 12 months before it would likely happen again!

We spent the entire night talking, venting, being ourselves.. and laughing so much laughing!

I left the night.. far later than I had ever expected feeling #tipsy #funny and without a doubt #refreshed.. I felt like a was a person again not just a wife and a mum..

Because in that short time, all of our walls came down, all pretensions of having our lives in order were left at the door and we were free to be our imperfect selves. We gave each other permission to be imperfect too. Together, in that short time, we were able to bare secrets, our funniest moments, our silliest insecurities, and laugh about each others problems..

What I came away with after that night out was so much more than the much-needed espresso martinis.. It was more than the laughter.. It was more than the uninterrupted conversation with beautiful friends.. It was bliss.. And it was everything I needed and more!

To every woman out there, I hope you have a friend—or many—that you can be your completely imperfect self with..

A friend—or many—who will assure you that the only one judging you is you..

I hope you have this friend and that now—right this moment—you will pick up your phone and schedule that coffee date or night out.. Or better yet treat her with a 2 FOR 1 sale... Cos nothing says I am grateful for you rather than a Buddy + Me gift..

Because sometimes life can be hard enough and you know what? You deserve it.. both of you!

Ash x 

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