Some changes in 2019

March 05, 2019

Some changes in 2019


Wow!! It’s March.. how did we get here already?!

We have had a massive start to the year! And there is so much more coming…

One of the biggest changes for us this year is…

After 4.5 years of doing markets every other weekend.. We have decided that in 2019 we won’t be doing that anymore..

The markets have given us so many years seeing and talking with our customers and getting to know exactly what it is you want from Buddy & Me.. And it seems increasingly that is the chance to enjoy affordable luxury & shop Buddy & Me anytime, from anywhere.. not just on set market days.. We have seen this day coming for a while now with so many more of our beautiful customers ordering online & enjoying home delivery!..

And the best is yet to come!.. We can guarantee that any day you head over to the website or get an email from us it will be jam packed with Buddy & Me love.. full of exclusive offers & sales and more!

So while its the end of an era… It is the start of another wonderful chapter!

This month I will be popping in a bit to tell you a bit more as to why we have made these changes, and what you can expect… But for now we are celebrating this change with a ‘Nothing over $20.00’ sale.. I know.. Crazy right!

Check it out here —->


We are so excited to announce we have a growing list of exclusive stockists which you can see on our stockist list here - so if you would prefer to shop in store check out these awesome shops! We are so grateful we are extending the Buddy & Me family to these beautiful stores!

Have a lovely weekend.. and please look out for some emails from me over the next couple of days.. I want to let you know why we have made some changes, some new and exciting things that are to come.. and of course I want give you just thanks for being there every step of the way over the past 4.5 years of market life..

But for now… Enjoy Nothing over $20.00.. Click here & use codeword mar20 at the checkout..

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