My Winter Bucket List...

June 10, 2019

My Winter Bucket List...

Winter… How did we get here already!

For an endless lover of summer I tend to enter winter with a touch of hesitation.. As much as I love the idea of the warm fire, candles burning, and warm family snuggles I tend to lack a bit of motivation as winter goes on..

BUT not this winter.. I have put together my winter bucket list.. Full of non-kid friendly activities.. Because as much as I love the kids this mumma needs a break.. And I hope you give yourself one too!

By myself

1. Sleep in until 9 am. Just once..

2. Read one book.. Just one book that is non-picture and not parenting related..

3. Paint my nails..

4. Eat a delicious dessert..

5. Get a massage..

6. Watch a netflix series..

7. Listen to my favourite podcast..

8. Ditch my phone for 12 hours..

9. Have an arvo nap..

10. Buy a new outfit..

11. Have a bath with candles lit and no little bodies joining me..

12. Get my hair cut & coloured..

13. Have a day to myself to Marie Kondo the house.. believe it or not a good clean out does spark joy here! 


With my husband

14. Enjoy a long walk along the beach

15. Coffee date

16. Kid- free dinner

17. Stay up past midnight enjoying some drinks..

18. Cuddle by the fire..

19. Enjoy a dinner picnic of just cheese + wine

20. Go to the movies

21. Watch Game of Thrones (yes we are the only people who haven’t seen this!)

22. Have a night out & dance..

23. A night away (is that pushing it?!)


With my friends

24. Drinks..

25. Get to know each other.. kid free!

26. Coffee date..

27. Vent

28. Visit a winery (or three)

29. Couples golf!

30. Dance

This month is all about giving ourselves a break, loving and caring for ourselves as well as those special people in our lives who allow us to be us... our imperfect selves! Lay out the welcome mat over the next couple of weeks because this month will be jam packed with Buddy + Me L O V E..

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