My 'Simple' Solution to New Year's Resolutions..

January 10, 2019

My 'Simple' Solution to New Year's Resolutions..

Here we are again, friends. The start of a New Year…

Is your newsfeed full of resolutions too?

To get fit.. Eat healthy… Or make that career change..

Most years, that’s me too.. And whilst the romanticism of a fresh start.. A new year isn’t completely lost on me I am keeping it ‘Simple’ this year..

I am in no way standing on a resolution soap box here.. I have a list 10000 points long of all the things I would like to do better/be better or become.. But this year my only goal is to make things ‘simple’..

So if anything my resolutions are not what I plan to do.. But rather what I plan not to do!

This is not my year to run a marathon.. It is not my year to play weekend sport or serve on all those committees.. It is my year to survive.. It is my year to keep it simple.. To enjoy the smaller things..

This year will be full of the things I plan not to do.. not to be and not to become..

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a negative thing.. In fact I find it exciting! This year when faced with an everyday decision I will decide with the word ‘simple’. One word, one aim all year… ‘simple’.

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