My new promises..

April 29, 2019

My new promises..

Someone saw a photo of my hubby and I other day of about 17 years ago when we first started dating and they commented on how much we had changed.. It got me thinking how much we have changed over the different seasons of life.. And it got me thinking back on what life was like for the two of us before we got hitched, bought a house and crammed a couple of kids in there as well..

Pre-kids we’d go out with friends, sleep in and spend money on ourselves.. We were spontaneous and fun!

I was thinking back on our wedding ceremony and then laughed to myself thinking “if only those two knew the road in front of them”..

So, I want to write some new vows. Some “We are no longer newlyweds but now some wise thirty somethings about to drop some knowledge on newlyweds everywhere" vows.

Here they are:

I, Ash, take you, Tim, to be my husband/ life partner/ co-parent/ teammate/ good-cop-bad-cop tag-teamer/ fellow tantrum tamer/ love of my life/ biggest supporter..

I promise to be there for you in good times and in bad, because God knows there will be lots of both.

I promise to be there for you after we both have been up on and off all night with a child who’s vomited and one who had a nightmare, followed by the early morning visit by the karate ninja bed routine (otherwise known as a 4 year old)..

I promise to be there for you throughout all the happy parenting moments and milestones like our kiddos taking their first steps, and going off to school.. As well as the not so cool milestones like the first ‘school blue card’ or first ‘teacher interview’..

I promise to be true to you in sickness and in health. Your sickness and health. My sickness and health. And our kids' sickness and health. I promise to keep my cool while we're up at 3:00 am changing vomit sheets or showering trying to get a fever down (at least we're doing it together right?!)

I promise not to stay mad at you for too long after you've not stood up for me in front of your family, or you have lost your wallet for the 1060th time (this month!)..

I will love you all the days of my life.. Especially when you come home with surprise ice cream or you figure out the preschool/school drop off so I get an uninterrupted 10 minutes to get ready in the morning, or you encourage me to go out with my girlfriends or take me on a date..

I will love you more and more every day.

I will love you more and more each time we successfully solved a problem together and work as a team. It can be so hard to figure this stuff out, but somehow, we do it right more often than not (Or at least we convince each other that we are…) And it makes me so proud of what we're building together..

I will love you more and more each time you encourage me to set goals and reach them.. I have so many dreams.. And you're here cheering me on every step of the way.. It means the world to me, and I promise to do the same for you..

I will love you more and more every day. I swear. No matter what. (Seriously. No matter how many times you leave your wallet on top of the car and drive away #Truelove)

We have seen each other at our worst, but we are also lucky enough to beam with pride next to each other when we're at our best.. You are my person, my forever.. I wouldn't choose anyone else to ride this wild, roller coaster of a life with, other than you..



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