It'll Be OK...

June 14, 2019

It'll Be OK...

Most days don’t go to plan.. Actually I can’t recall even one going exactly as I expect it to.. Every single day I am reminding myself “It’s no biggy.. It’ll be okay”

After all it’s okay that…

There is a meal made out of play dough on our coffee table..

I still haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up..

I love to eat hot chips and potato chips actually make that any chips.. or anything with potato in it really..

I can’t always remember birthdays but I try to do my best..

I am not a stay at home mum.. Some days I wish I was and other days I am grateful for the enjoyment of work.. I feel like either has it’s own difficulties..

I always think I can do something faster than I can.. That I will arrive somewhere sooner than I do.. Or that I can do more in a day than is humanly possible..

I don’t cry much but I can get over sensitive over small things..

I haven’t responded to all the emails in my inbox (but I will at some point—maybe 2025?)?

I get impatient more than I would like to admit..

I am not perfect.. but i’m here.. I show up.. and that’s okay.. because that’s all that some days need..

Today I am going to nail just being enough!

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Ash x

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