Is Your House A Mess Too?

April 11, 2019

Is Your House A Mess Too?

My house is a mess right now… which, truth be told, has sort of become the norm these days.

Sometimes I feel like it’ll always be messy… like for the rest of my life kinda messy!

And no magic amount of singing the clean up song will straighten things up! I’ll sit on the couch amongst unfolded laundry (our lounge laundry) and I’ll hopscotch down the hall between the scattered items trying not to look in the kids bedrooms along the way.. because well it’s just best I completely ignore that mess..

I seem to forget any previous life of organisation and cleanliness.. As if I will only just know my new life of piles and spills and old maccas fries found under lounge cushions...

But then I snap out of my craziness, and remind myself that it won’t be like this forever…

One day, many years from now our home will be tidy again..

When my babies leave for work or uni or whatever it is they are doing.. I’ll be able to sit on the couch with a glass of wine or hot cup of coffee and admire the perfectly vacuumed floor and spotless kitchen..

And there won’t be trail of textas from the front to back door and everywhere in between… There won’t be fish food spills in the kitchen, and tiny clothes that need washing (non-stop washing).. And one day, believe it or not, our little ones will have houses of their own to make messes in... Then, after thousands of loads of laundry and meals made and love shared, my husband and I will just have to clean up after ourselves..

And we’ll cry because we’ll miss those little textas..

I suppose I could put forth more effort now to have an orderly home, and not necessarily wait until my children have a house of their own. But life is so busy with these two kiddies and work and these two kiddies..

Sure, I could cut back on work but I love my job...

Yes, I could definitely skip out on a Saturday morning fun to straighten up the house...but it would break my heart.. I want to spend that precious time with my family..

I can, and do, take about twenty minutes each night after the kids have gone to bed to tidy up.. Thinking it’ll look nice until morning and then the dolls and toys and craft supplies quickly take over again.. and I wonder why I wasted the time!

Our house may not make it into the pages of Martha Stewart Living any time soon, but that’s okay—it’s a lived-in home, a playful home... an honest home.

So for now, I’ll revel in the cleanliness of our home when visitors are scheduled to come (because that’s really the only time I step up my game)..

For now, I’ll try not to cringe when I look around our home. Instead, I’ll make peace with the state it’s in..

This is where we learn, where we grow, where we play, and where we explore.. We’re all busy and have important things to do here.. Looking spotless is just not one of them.. Not right now.. Not when there are cubby houses to build, tea parties to host and easter hats to make..

Grab a coffee or wine and sit back tonight knowing that your house may not be perfect but it's perfect for you.. in this busy season of life!

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