I have made a lot of mistakes..

February 04, 2019

I have made a lot of mistakes..

Today.. I woke up and looked at our two beautiful kids and I felt like they had grown overnight. A part of me is so excited and in awe - I know you have so many exciting wonderful years and times ahead of you..

Another part of me is a little scared because time is racing so fast and I can’t slow it down.. Have I enjoyed you enough? Is your heart still whole? and your spirit still wild?

I fail.. Actually I do it a lot!

I am not being negative.. I am jut being really honest!

And it had me thinking.. 

I’m not always as good as I want to be at being your mum.. I am not always as good as I want to be at being a wife, a teacher or even being healthy... I want to be great at those things - and sometimes I am, but sometimes I’m just not..

I make other mistakes too.. often small but frequent ones.. There has been big ones in there as well don't you worry!

Sometimes I get it right.. and sometimes I just don’t..

Everyday I make mistakes.. everyday I learn..

I am forever your biggest cheerleader and your greatest fan.

but you too my darling kids are going to make a lot of mistakes of your own.. I hope that you learn that it’s more than okay to fail.. Failing is learning - and allows you to discover new insights about yourself along the way..

See we don’t always get it right and that’s okay...

On this day, where it seems you’ve grown overnight, I want to tell you that you are wonderful... That you will make a lot of mistakes but that won’t ever change how much I admire you..

I’m always and forever on your team..

I then started thinking we need to say this more. we need more of that building up, more support, more forgiveness amongst ourselves.. and maybe then our children will learn from rather than hiding their mistakes..

So today if you have made mistakes.. If things haven't gone your way.. Or you have just had a shitty day ---> I am on your team! I am hoping I can make you feel loved that's what this month is all about! 

It's the Month of Love at Buddy + Me.. So get used to me writing a bit over the next month.. but trust me it will be worth it!

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