Hot Tips on re-using your candle jars

March 14, 2017

Hot Tips On Re-using Your Buddy & Me candle Jars from Ash Moorehead on Vimeo.

Our candle vessels have been chosen specifically to be able to re-purpose around the home.. 

We've put together this quick and easy guide with simple steps you can follow to re-use any candle glass, and avoid simply throwing it away. 

Sound good...? 

Here goes.... 

1. When has your candle finished.. 

When your candle has approximately 1cm of wax left it is time to say goodbye. Why not burn that 1 cm all the way down? Because it’s safer and avoids the glass getting too hot and potentially cracking. 

2. Remove the rest of the wax

Simply put the candle glass in the freezer and leave for a couple of hours or even overnight. As the wax cools, it shrinks. This helps to separate it from the glass. It also makes the consistency harder, which makes it easier to clean out. 

Then carefully cut the wax with a dull knife. You’re not trying to cut into the wax, your just trying to split the wax up. Remove and discard the wax chunks. 

3. Simply wipe over the inside of the vessel with a basic oil

I like using olive oil (and everyone tends to have that). Oil helps dissolve the remaining wax.

Note: don’t use water yet; it will just spread any remaining wax without really removing it (remember highschool science.... water and oil don’t mix!)

4. Clean the vessel in your dishwasher or sink

Now it's time to clean the glass in a dishwasher or sink, like any other household glass.

5. Get creative! 

Get creative with your new glass vessel.. Here's some ideas we quite like ourselves

- Cocktail glass

- latte glass

- champagne glass

- pen holder

- plant a succulent 

- vase for plants

- lolly jar (YUM!) 

- dessert glass

How do you re-use your Buddy & Me candle jar? Share a photo with us on Facebook or Instagram and we will GIFT YOU $10 Buddy & Me credit!

Tag @buddyandme and include the hashtag #reusewithpurpose. The post must be public for us to see it... Can't wait to see what you come up with xx 

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