November 23, 2018


I racked my (tired and foggy) brain and did a mental check for when our last date night was… I am pretty sure it was the business awards back in August this year..

Yep. Three. Months.

It's so hard to get time to ourselves in this season of parenting young kids. Having a 5 and 4 year old and no family living in the Valley doesn't exactly scream "wild night out!”..

The only thing that gets screamed around here is.. “Let’s play hide & seek”..

So right now, date nights aren't always super realistic. I know that trying to find an available grandparent shouldn't feel like a monumental task, but truth be told, it is.

Why aren’t we still village parenting like our parents did?

We are both going All. The. Time. We are both constantly putting our two small children before ourselves. We are both exhausted.

That's why I am suggesting we take time for ourselves this summer. We can't forget how much fun we have when we're together.

So let's have a summer fling, shall we?

It may not be financially plausible or logistically realistic right now to getaway somewhere tropical. And there may not be room in the grandparent calendar (or our wallets) to go on a date every week (or even every 6 months at the moment!). But — we can start small..

We'll have a lot of valuable family time together, no doubt. So let's make a solid effort to put each other first, too. Let’s use our imagination as well as the kids do.. Lets set up a picnic in the lounge room like we used to.. Let’s lay by the pool (and imagine we are on that Bali getaway) even if it is only for 4 minutes before one is screaming “Look at me i’m a dolphin”..

Let’s happy hour every Friday night as the kids play in the backyard.. Let’s stay up late and watch one extra episode of ‘homeland’ on a Saturday night.. Let’s even go crazy with a little bit of chocolate!

Let's go on day dates.. with the kids.. to the beach, or park, or explore some of the hidden spots we still haven’t been to some 8 years after moving here..

Let's slow things down..

Because although a date night would be amazing right now.. so will what we’ve got.. Because although the grandparent schedule may be too full for babysitting our kids.. our kids aren’t loosing out.. They are winning! They have us..

We can keep things simple: beach, pool, beer (not in that order) ice cream, laughter, watermelon and a whole lot of family fun. That's what summer is about.

So let's just have some fun…

The warm weather is back and the sun is shining again. Let's soak up this exciting, amazing, refreshing feeling and revel in our happiness—together…

Romance is in the air, my dear. It may not be a Bali getaway for two… But that stuff doesn't really matter… All that matters is that, between the toddler tantrums, the never ending pile of lounge laundry, and the 20 miracles we perform just to get each of us where we need to be by 8:30am—that we're making time for us, and that we're having some good, old-fashioned summer fun while we're at it!

Yep that’s right.. Fake it until you make it!..

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Go on... Life is short, burn the candle! 

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