Did you sleep in?

March 17, 2019

Did you sleep in?

Did you really sleep in?

This morning we had a proper sleep in. We were only vaguely aware of our little monsters wandering in and out of our bedroom sanctuary, demanding batteries, food, and attention (in that order).  We weren't too worried about child neglect as it was only 8am, but that extra hour of lay in bed goodness was divine..

What we hadn't counted on was:

a) A milk flood in the kitchen (Full milk bottle + impatient 5 year old = milk flood) does insurance cover that?

b) The last toilet roll in the house is in the actual toilet

c) Fish food scattered over the dining table (still not sure if that was an accident when actually trying to feed the fish or whether boy child tried to feed girl child ‘fairy bread’ with fish food? Best I don’t know hey).

How ironic that with a fridge that requires an impromptu and usually unsuccessful game of 'Jenga' each time you need to get anything out of it, somehow we have run out of toilet paper and fish food may or may not have been eaten for breakfast..

My husband is normally the courier (the 24/7 courier that is called upon to pick up the most minor of necessities, usually coffee in the morning, wine in the afternoon and ice-cream in the night). But I was taking this one for the team while he stayed and completed the (arguably) better job of toilet roll retrieval, and lecture on why fish food fairy bread doesn’t suffice as meal prep. C'est la vie.

Anyway, rather regretfully our epic sleep in never came to fruition and instead ended up as a domestic version of Survivor as our riot of stir-crazy monsters spent the morning stealing batteries from various remote controls to get a various array of loud toys all working at the same time, and tried to prematurely end each others lives with wrestling and fish food fairy bread.. As we suspected we only have another 15 years to wait for that sleep in!

And to think if we were still doing the markets I would have missed out on all this fun! 

Sorry we are missing the markets, but as we announced earlier this year we are filling your hearts and homes in other ways.. With non-stop Buddy + Me love (and sales) found online any day of the week... Check out our Nothing over $20.00 sale here now ---> 

And if you had a sleep in this morning I hope you enjoyed it for both of us xx

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