Are You selfish?

May 05, 2019

Are You selfish?

Hey I am talking to you!..

I know you think that you don’t have any time... That you have too much going on to do anything for yourself… but just like you have made everyone else a priority you can find a minute just for yourself, it simply has to be a new priority…

Because. . .

It isn’t selfish to get your hair done..

It isn’t selfish to have a coffee out..

It isn’t selfish to sit with that coffee alone…

It isn’t selfish to light a candle, listen to music or binge-watch your favourite show..

It isn’t selfish to read a book with a cup of tea (or wine)..

It isn’t selfish to treat yourself..

Lastly, it isn’t selfish to give yourself a minute of peace…

That peace will come in handy I promise you.. If you haven’t had a calming moment in months it can be hard to impress your calm on others..

So, at the end of the day, after you finish the 1028th phone call, after you send that final email, after you put away the nappy cream, and the millionth toy, or pick up from the after school activity run, I hope you take a minute just for you and savour it because you not only deserve it, you need it..

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