ANNOUCEMENT: No More Markets in 2019

March 02, 2019

ANNOUCEMENT: No More Markets in 2019

After 4.5 wonderful years we have made the heart, but sure decision we are not doing any more markets in 2019!.. Our blogs over the next couple of days will give you some insight as to why we are making the change... And of course as always our website is filled with love & sales anytime you want to check it out... from the comfort of your own home... 

Ok here goes... 

So.. It became clearer than ever this year that whilst I am managing parenting I am certainly NOT kicking any goals.. Within the first 4 weeks of school I had missed parent teacher introduction (girl child was sick & needed picking up from preschool, Daddy was at a staff meeting & my mere mortal self could not be in 2 places at once) do you get the sense I am still a bit bitter about this early mark against my name for reasons that were completely out of my control?

Anyways.. no need to justify (just in case his teachers are reading this) back to my epic fails..

I forgot teddy bear picnic (lucky escape with that one because girl child had coincidently taken a bear the size of her to preschool the previous day and somehow forgotten to bring it home – it’s not like it could have been hiding anywhere it is the size of a 5 year old child) and yet mark this down as the only time I am grateful for her lack of concentration. Boy child has worked out ‘sick bay’ and has taken himself there whenever he wants to get out of class – he had ticked up 6 visits by week 4! And yet I have equal parts of admiration and frustration with this one – you have to give the 5 year old some credit for working this out in year 1- I had my drivers licence before I learnt this trick and then I could just sign out of school myself..

I have delivered girl child to school without a bag (lunchbox or water), I have momentarily missed pick up of either boy or girl child (And on 1 occasion both), and the only time I actually got a permission note in before the cut-off date they told me the excursion had already been filled! So even when I am doing it right I am still failing!

Basically my total lack of organisation, memory & structure (the hubby will vouch for this) is not only impacting on our children, but it may have also been inherited by them! I boast a long tarnished history of sending my children to school dressed normally on dress up days, without proper signed permission notes, and all manner of other parental faux pas I'm too ashamed to confess. And while all my friends kids are boasting school awards in the first couple of weeks of school the one award boy child got for the whole of his kindergarten year was for his exceptional attendance (AKA his mum & dad work & couldn’t have him home for a day award!)… Frame that darling because it will be a long time between drinks!

I would say I'm forgetful, but that's not entirely true, as I can clearly remember every lyric of every song I've ever loved - and with something bordering on autistic genius, I can accurately recall the sold history of any property I have ever been remotely interested (especially those I could clearly never afford!)

This leads me to believe that the giant filing cabinet in my head is unfortunately overcrowded by the highly irrelevant drawers and sadly school and parenting issues have been allotted a tiny pull-out drawer somewhere far in the back near a dangling, dull lightbulb (like all the lightbulbs in our house)..

So.. in an effort to improve my parenting game I am reclaiming weekends. No more markets for us on weekends.. Weekends will instead be filled with family fun! Instead you can pop over to our website on any day, at any time and I can guarantee you it will be filled with genuine, non-judgemental buddy + me love! Full of gifts, sales and surprises!

To kick this off we are having a 'Nothing over $20.00 Sale exclusive to you right now.. Don't forget you need your exclusive code word: mar20 at the checkout (to redeem in some cases over 40% off!) Check it out here ---> 

P.s. who am I kidding although I might feel refreshed and ready for the week after reclaiming my weekends ask me to keep abreast of scheduling requirements, deadlines and the myriad of other life admin , and I will disappoint… Maybe it’ll just mean a plateau in my parenting game not the strong decline that we have otherwise observed.. Only time will tell!



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