A mission to create calm..

June 11, 2019

A mission to create calm..

I want to tell you a story..

I spent most of my life in a hurry.. I lived with a plate so full that I had a hard time balancing it all.. Straight up, I was doing too much.. I was spread too thin..

And somewhere in there I had a couple of kids..

And there's something about being a mother today that makes us feel like we need to do everything and be everywhere.. I spent the early days of motherhood doing just that: hurrying, hustling and stressing.. I filled so much of my time that I was working, gyming, mothering, sporting and doing non stop.. And then one day not so long ago.. I stopped.. I started to do less.. I started to say ‘No’ instead of ‘yes’ .. And I am not going back..

You know the thing about kids: they are little sponges.. They soak up everything from us.. The words we say, the attitudes we have and the lives we live..

For my children, I want calm..

BUT - I am not teaching calm when I am living life rushing from one thing to the next, and smashing a huge to do list at every opportunity..

I have to live it if I want to teach it..

But as a business owner, and mum to two kiddo’s calm isn't just going to spontaneously happen to me.. I have to pursue it.. Slowly I started to say no to all the activities, roles and responsibilities I had spent years accumulating..

I’m not there yet.. but i’m working on it..

Ash x

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