10 Things To Remember..

May 04, 2019

10 Things To Remember..

As Mother’s Day is approaching I ponder over what it means to be my children's mum..

And once again I have some reflections I want to get down on paper.. Ready to share with you now and later share with my kids when they are ready..

So here goes.. Here's 10 things I have learnt - 

1. Life will be crazy

And you’re going to feel so confused about your direction at times.. Try to remember we all have a path you need to work hard and trust your instincts and let the rest fall into place… Don’t be afraid to fail – that’s where the magic is!.. In failure comes learning, rebuilding and a thirst to do better next time.. That’s how dreams come true and goals are slayed.

“You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose”.

2. F A M I L Y

There’s simply nothing more important. Dad & I and you two.. We will be here for each other no. matter. What. We will love each other even when we are angry and will support each other even when we are unsure..

Be loyal to each other.. Stick up for one another.. Practice forgiveness.. Laugh with each other until your bellies hurt.. hold each other tight and never let anything or anyone come between you..

Keep each other's secrets unless that means someone is in danger..

3. Friends are like family

They will be there for it all, every great night out, every break up and heartache.. They’ll become part of you, like family..

Some will be with you for life, and other’s you’ll collect along your journey – and they’ll be symbolic of different stages of your life.. Be a good friend.. Be kind, be supportive, be fun.. you will need each other..

4. Work can be necessary and inspiring

Chances are, like me, you’ll probably have a few different jobs in your life. Sometimes you may not know what your true calling is.. Some of the most interesting 50 years olds I know still don’t.. Don’t be afraid to try to foster different passions throughout your life and see where they take you..

In the words of Macklemore..

“Don’t try to change the world, find something that you love and do it everyday. Do that for the rest of your life and eventually the world will change.. Give back to community that raised you up”

5. Money will feel like both a gift and a burden..

“Make the money.. Don’t let the money make you”

Work hard.. but remember money isn’t everything.. There is so much more to life than bills.. If your able to don’t be afraid to spend money on yourself or someone else from time to time..

6. Your body will – at times – feel like your friend and your enemy..

My body has given us two beautiful gifts – Buddy & Scout!

What my body has been through – 3 pregnancies and 2 births – absolutely amazes me.. I am in awe of what it has done and given me and yet I have had times (and still do) where we are not on good terms.. I haven’t understood, I have doubted, I have been angry at the things my body couldn’t do, or couldn’t achieve..

Whilst this love hate relationship will no doubt remain for the rest of my life I am eternally grateful to my body for giving me you two miracles.

7. Curiosity will bring you success

Be Curious… Ask questions… And repeat…

8. Technology will be an important and yet tricky road to journey

Google and social media will be interesting things to grow up with. I didn’t and so I am unsure how to navigate these necessary but highly alarming waters..

Social media means your life, at any point, and sometimes without your knowledge will be documented.. Be careful what you want to share with the world..

Never forget there are real experiences happening in the world around you.. Step outside and experience them yourself.. Technology has limitations, real world experiences are vast and limitless..

9. L O V E

I hope your life is filled with love all the way through.. I’m sure it will be as your Dad and I will always love you – no matter what..

And when you fall in love with whatever person you choose I hope you can open your heart, be true to yourself and grow together.. Do not rush it be patient for whatever time you spend getting to know yourself you will be better equipped to love somebody else.

10. In this world when you can be anything.. just be kind

Always be kind. Even when someone is saying something nasty your best defence is kindness.. As the inspirational former American First Lady Michelle Obama said “when they go low, we go high”..

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot.. Nothing is going to get better. It’s not”.

11. It’s All Waiting For You

Smile.. Don’t stop dancing.. Read books – like real books, made of paper.. Listen to the lyrics.. Dream.. and then start doing.. Forgive.. Work hard.. Don’t be afraid to stand out – you weren’t born to fit in.. Laugh often.. Do everything with enthusiasm.. Buy the candle, the coffee or the wine and relax.. Be still occasionally.. Enjoy your own company.. Be kind.. We only get one chance.. Make the most of it, Kiddos!


Mumma xx

We all have to remind ourselves to buy that candle sometime ---> Do it & your FREE gift is waiting!

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